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“Poems from a Loquacious Heart: Prayers” Review with Poet Q&A

Poems from a Loquacious Heart: Prayers  is a deeply spiritual book of poetry by Christina Crahall that brings the reader closer to God by capturing the beauty of the natural world.   You can purchase it here on Amazon.

Present the
Pit of your heart
With a pen
And it will
Pen a poem

Christina Crahall 

Crahall’s Poems from a Loquacious Heart: Prayers is a heartfelt, elegant, and deeply spiritual experience. Crahall’s poetry is like a sigh from the heart and one can sense the author’s devotion in the depths of her words.

The book includes prayers, poems, and scripture verses for contemplation. Gorgeous photographs of nature taken by the author ornament the collection and help the reader to connect the text on the page to the beauty of the natural world. Her emphasis on nature reminds me of her poetic forefathers, Whitman and Thoreau.

Reading Crahall’s work was a spiritual experience for me. Although this collection is relatively brief, I lingered over it for days. I read each poem multiple times and even used this book as part of my daily devotions.

All of the pieces were beautiful, but I was particularly touched by the piece, “My Mother, Mary.” When I read it, I felt a tear come to my eye. It was so genuinely heartfelt and earnest.

I believe that the highest goal of art is to bring us closer to God. Crahall’s work is a testament to the amazing beauty of God’s love as reflected in the splendor of nature.

crahall insta image
Image from Crahall’s Instagram – @loquaciousheart

I have a deep love of poetry and I was very moved by Poems From a Loquacious Heart: Prayers.  I am also particularly interested in the work of women writers; therefore, I was so excited with the author, Christina Crahall, allowed me to interview her about her inspiration, writing process, and her upcoming work.

Reverend Rebecca: Something that struck me the most about your work was just how deeply heartfelt and honest it was. Could you talk a little bit about what inspired you to write this book of poetry?  

Christina Crahall: I started writing the prayers and poems for Poems from a Loquacious Heart: Prayers while I was in college.  I was inspired after attending campus ministry retreats, events, and classes that really made me stop and reflect. 

RR:  I’m deeply impressed by the spiritual nature of your poetry. It reads very much like a devotional and I even used your work during my own personal prayer time. Can you share a little bit about your views on poetry, art, God, and faith?

 Crahall: I believe poetry, art, God, and faith can be very personal.  It’s a beautiful thing when we can share our inner beauty, feelings, and creativity.    

RR:  The photographs in this book were particularly striking. I have low vision and even I could appreciate them. Did you take them yourself? Could you tell us a little bit about how you connect poetry to nature?

Crahall: I took all of the photographs in this book.  They were taken at my father’s club in the Pocono Mountains, near Canadensis, PA.  I find it very therapeutic when I’m outside connecting with nature, and my poetry illustrates this.  A little silence allows the soul to speak.

RR:  What is your writing process like? How long do you work on a poem?

Crahall: Sometimes, I can write a poem in a matter of minutes.  Most times, I come back to a poem over several days, reading it aloud and rewriting it until I’m satisfied.  I like to use a thesaurus to find more colorful words or to use alliteration.  It’s fun to play with words!  

RR:  Who are some of your favorite poets? Whose work has influenced your own journey with words?

Crahall: There are so many inspiring poets; it’s hard to pick one favorite.  When I was in middle school, Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost inspired me to begin writing poetry.  I also admire Emily Dickinson.  Now, I’m looking to follow new poets on Instagram and Twitter. 

RR:  For a long time throughout history, people believed that women couldn’t write poetry (they also believed that they couldn’t preach!). What advice would you give to a young person, especially a woman, who aspired to be a poet?

Crahall: Anyone can express themselves with art and writing.  It’s a wonderful, rewarding hobby and/or career.  Follow your dreams!  Write your story…

RR:  What are you most excited about right now? Do you have another book coming out soon?

Crahall: Currently, I’m promoting my work through social media; connecting with writers, readers, artists, and many interesting people.  I hope to publish a new children’s poetry book before the end of this year titled A Poem A Day Will Keep Z Doctor Away.  After that, a parenting poetry book and a micropoetry book will be in the works! 

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