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Understanding beliefs: The Christian

I was honored to be part of this project that works to promote respect and understanding between all people. Although I do not speak for the United Methodist Church (only the approved media person can do that) I was still excited to share my understanding of the Christian faith with others. Please take a moment to read this interview I did regarding the Christian faith.

Karen Bradshaw Writer

Welcome to the sixth in my series of understanding beliefs. A series of blog posts which I hope will reduce prejudice and create a respect and understanding of various different faiths and belief systems.

As human beings our opinions on things such a the after-life, morals, Deities and rituals differ greatly. As a Christian, I have encountered a lot of misunderstanding and ridicule throughout my life and I wanted to bring everybody together to show that no matter what we believe we are all worthy of love and understanding.

Ultimately, we all have a right to our own opinions and beliefs and provided that we are respectful to the beliefs of others, there should be no reason that we shouldn’t be able to discuss this. So, hopefully through this series we can remove the taboo and controversy of religion and better understand one another.

This time we will be…

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