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Poetry Review with Author Q&A: Journey to Be Unbroken by N. MacFarlane

Title: Journey to Be Unbroken

Author: Natasha MacFarlane

Genre: Poetry/ Chapbook

Length: 38 Pages

Available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

journey to be unbroken
Journey to Be Unbroken by N. MacFarlane

My Review: 

I genuinely enjoy reading poetry and I am always searching for new poets to read. I’m especially interested in reading poetry written by women or other traditionally marginalized groups. I connected with Natasha MacFarlene on Twitter. After browsing her blog, I wanted to read more of her work.

MacFarlene’s writing is passionate and full of emotion. Her lines flow quickly, one into the next, so that the reader feels breathless. Throughout this collection, MacFarlene uses the extended metaphor of struggling with demons as a way to describe her own battle with depression.

Macfarlene weaves a story of hope in the midst of despair. She invites the reader to journey with her as she struggles with the dark night of her soul. Then, with her words of hope and triumph, she guides the reader through the darkness and into the dawning of a new day.

MacFarlene is using her work to promote awareness about depression and mental illness. A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba. This is a very important issue to me because I have friends and loved ones who struggle with depression and other forms of mental illness. I applaud MacFarlene for using her gift of writing to help others who are battling their own personal demons.

I recommend this book for anyone who enjoys confessional poetry or free verse.


Trigger warning: While this book is a lovely work of art, please be aware that it does discuss issues relaed to depression and mental illness.

Interview with Natasha MacFarlene


I very much enjoyed reading MacFarlene’s work and I think it’s wonderful that she is using her writing to raise awareness and funds to help those who struggle with mental health. I was delighted that MacFarlane was willing to sit down with me in order to discuss her inspiration for Journey to Unbroken, her writing process, and her other work.


Rev. Rebecca:  I really enjoyed reading your book. I found it to be deeply moving, especially because I have friends and family members who struggle with depression and mental illness. Can you speak a little bit about the circumstances or situations that inspired you to write this book of poetry?

Natasha McFarlene: I found myself in a very dark place, and as much as I searched for the light, everything remained dark. I was a busy, and very young mother to two children, one of which was very challenging and violent towards me. I had lost all my dreams, and had no passions. I had resigned myself to only ever being a mother, and believing I was not worthy of a happy and joyful life.

RR:. I appreciated the extended metaphor that you employed in your collection in which you compared your battle with depression to struggling with demons. I also appreciated your message of hope. If I may ask, what role (if any) does faith play in your writing?

NM: Faith plays no part in my writing whatsoever. My message of hope, is just a message to hope for recovery. To hope for a brighter tomorrow. To believe that I was worthy of happiness and joy.

RR: Who are some of the poets that have influenced your work? Do you have any favorite poets?

NM: I enjoy Atticus, r.h.Sin, and Rupi Kaur as poets.

RR:  Did you have a favorite piece in this collection? If so, which one?

My favorite piece is, “My Rusting Soul.” I liked how strong the idea of breaking out of the demon’s hold was.

RR: What was your favorite part about writing this collection? What did you find most challenging?

NM: My favorite part of writing this collection was really just freeing my mind of the weight that it was carrying. Giving a voice to all the thoughts that swirled around my head constantly, almost made me feel as if I had broken the chains that had been holding me down. The most challenging part, was putting it out there for everyone to read. Knowing that others would know my battle with depression was terrifying to me.

RR: What advice would you give to someone who wanted to use writing to help others or to raise awareness about important issues? What words of wisdom would you share with an aspiring young poet?

NM: My advice for someone else would be to go for it. You will find your tribe who will support you. It may take time, but you will.

RR:  I see that you have written at least one other chapbook. Could you share a little bit about some of your other work? What are you working on right now? What project most excites you?  

NM: Yes, I have written another poetry book titled She (used to refer to a woman or girl), and a fantasy book entitled, The Land of Chatlan: Journey to the Forest, and an eBook titled Inside, Outside, and Upside Down. I very much enjoy writing, and find peace in my mind when I can put it all down. I don`t currently have a project right now actually. I am mostly focusing on promoting my current books, and my blog, which you can find at 

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What poets would you recommend to me?  Have you written a chapbook or other poetry collection? I would love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below! 


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