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Title: Sent: Delivering the Gift of Hope at Christmas

Authors: Jorge Avecdeo, Jacob Armstrong, Rachel Billups, Justin LaRosa & Lanecia Rouse

Publisher: Abingdon Press

Genre: Christian nonfiction/ Small Group Study/ Devotional/ Advent Study

“A few years ago, during Advent, my two older daughters asked me a question I wasn’t expecting: “Dad, will you ever take us to the Waffle House?”

Sent: Delivering the Gift of Hope at Christmas, Chapter 1

I love being United Methodist. Then again, I realize I’m biased. As an ordained elder in the United Methodist Church, I have covenanted with the church to always serve. I am called to word, order, sacrament, and service.

In return, the UMC has covenanted with me that they will always provide me with a a job and a church to serve. They might offer me a church in Siberia (hypothetically) but I am willing to serve there. That’s part of the covenantal promise that we make at ordination as part of the UMC.

The promise of always having a job in today’s economy is something that I do not take for granted. I was raised by a single mother and I saw how hard she worked to make ends meet. I am grateful to my church for providing me with not only a livelihood, but also the opportunity to live out the call that God has placed on my life. There are still many churches hat do not ordain women.

Frequently, I  compare serving in the UMC to an arranged marriage. Any marriage takes work. Sometimes, we are bothered by our spouse’s actions; however, we continue to love them.

One of the things that bothers me about the UMC is our lack of diversity. Cokesbury is part of the United Methodist Publishing House. Every month, the Cokesbury catalog is shipped to me and I flip through the pages in search of new books to read. Frequently, I am disappointed at the lack of diverse voices represented in Cokesbury’s otherwise impressive catalog.

That is why I was so pleased to discover this Advent Study by Jorge Avecdo. Not only is it written by a diverse author, but I find the promotional video to be engaging and appealing.

I am using this book during my personal devotions this advent. If I enjoy it, I will purchase the DVD and work through it next year with my church people. Plus- who doesn’t love a book that begins at the Waffle House? I’m all about food and Jesus!

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