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Poem: Love Song (To the Tune of Liszt’s Liebestraum)

I’ve never loved so deeply

I’ve never feared so strong

I swear to you, my darling

I’ll love you my whole life long.


I’ve never known such mourning.

I’ve never feared such pain

Wait for me, my darling,

‘Til I see you again.


I’ve never known such rapture

I’ve never known this desire

Hold me close, my darling,

You set my soul on fire.


And when our lives have ended

And when the journey’s through

Take my hand, my darling,

And we’ll begin anew.


This I swear, my darling-

I always will love you.




About this poem: 

One of my colleagues told me about one of her favorite poets. She writes new words to the tune of old beloved hymns. I also heard that one of my favorite poets, Emily Dickinson, often set her poetry to the rhythm of hymns.

Since it’s the season of love, I’ve been feeling particularly romantic. Listzt’s Liebestraum no. 3 is one of my favorite pieces. I thought I would try fitting some words to his beautiful melody.

You can find a great recording of Liszt’s Liebestraum here:




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