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Poetry Book Review: “Invitation to Poetry” by Mihai Brinais

Invitation to Poetry by Romanian poet Mihai Brinais is a brief heartfelt collection that encourages the reader to explore the themes of love and nature through the written word.

Title: Invitation to Poetry 

Author: by Mihai Brinais

Genre: Poetry

Length: 33 Pages

Available on Kindle and for free from Kindle Unlimited!

Poetry Review

The Importance of Reviews for Aspiring Authors

I was contacted by the author through Twitter and he asked me if I would be interested in reading and reviewing a copy of this book. He offered a free PDF copy to me but I instead chose to read it for free through Kindle Unlimited. That way, the author gets credit for the sale and I am also able to leave a verified review on Amazon. Amazon has a tendency to erase reviews, especially  reviews that are unverified.

Reviews on Amazon are especially important for independent authors who don’t have a a publishing house to help support them. The more reviews a book has, the more likely it is to be included in Amazon’s lists and newsletters. Reviews don’t have to be long- even a brief sentence such as, “I liked this book!” can be a big help to authors.

Reviews are very important for aspiring authors and I like to do my small share to lift up the Writing Community. Why not make an author’s day and leave a few kind words about the last book you enjoyed reading?


My Review for Invitation to Poetry 

An Invitation to Poetry by Romanian poet Mihai Brinais is a brief and heartfelt collection of poems that invites the reader to explore the themes of love and nature through the beauty of the written word. This brief collection is what I would consider to be a chapbook. It is common practice for aspiring writers to self-publish short collection of poetry (usually less than 44 pages) as a way to share their work with the world. In the Dark Ages when I went to college, English majors would print their own chapbooks and then saddle stitch them together in their dorm rooms.

Now, with the ease and availability of self-publishing, the world of writing has become much more egalitarian. (Shameless plug: I even have my own chapbook! You can find it here.) I enjoy reading poetry from all over the world and I especially enjoy reading books by independently published authors.

When Mihai Brinais contacted me and asked me to read his book, I was interested because I had never before read a book by a Romanian poet.  Brinais’s short book was a fun and enjoyable read. I particularly enjoyed the pieces in which he explored what it is like to be a poet viewing the world through a poetic lens. To think like a writer is to view the world  differently than the average person.

I have a soft spot for love poems and I enjoyed reading Brinai’s heartfelt declarations of love for his beloved. I spent an enjoyable twenty minutes exploring the world through Brinais’s perspective. I hope that he continues to explore the world through the lens of poetry.


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If Invitation to Poetry sounds like a book that you would enjoy, then I’m certain you would also enjoy Filipina poet Alex Hutzler’s I Have Not Decided if You Can Drown on  a Plane. 

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