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Children’s Book Review: I Am Nuclear Fusion by Muriel Fitzpatrick


I Am Nuclear Fusion by Muriel Fitzpatrick is a fun way for children to learn about writing!

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My Review of I Am Nuclear Fusion:

my review

We all have the potential to become a star!

I Am Nuclear Fusion by Muriel Fitzpatrick is a fun and educational activity book that will help children to realize that they are special just the way they are. Even if they haven’t yet discovered their passions and their talents, children are still full of lots of potential and latent energy. In essence, inside each and everyone of us, there is the potential to become a star.

I Am Nuclear Fusion tells the story of Rita. Throughout the book, Rita learns that deep inside of her there is the potential for greatness. Within Rita’s heart, there is a metaphorical cosmic event just waiting to take place. As Rita learns to improve her gift for writing, she realizes that one day she will transform from nuclear fusion into the star she was always meant to be.


A great book to teach children about writing!

According to her website, the author  is a retired teacher. Her experience with education is clearly apparent from her writing.  Young people (and even parents or teachers with a fondness for writing!) can learn a great deal from this book. Each section builds on the previous section and students are encouraged to write their own story and to color in the pictures.

With each chapter, Rita’s story becomes more and more complex as she adds, dialogue, setting, and action. By the end of the book, Rita has learned that her special talent is the gift of writing. Students who have followed along with Rita and completed the workbook will have learned to improve their own writing as well.


A  book that will inspire future writing stars!

I Am Nuclear Fusion is a great book for classroom use and it would also work well for someone who is homeschooling their children. Without a parent or teacher to guide them, children can still try to follow the instructions on their own. Even without parent or teacher assistance, children could still have fun reading the story and coloring in the pictures.

This would be a great book for parents and children to work through together over the course of several evenings. Although this is a secular book, it would lend itself quite well to a Sunday School lesson about spiritual gifts. I recommend I Am Nuclear Fusion for parents, classrooms, and Sunday School.


Note: I received a free paperback copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. 

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Green words on a purple background read,

Rita is a seven-year-old little girl who has two talented best friends, Emma and Lily, but feels that she doesn’t have any special talent-she isn’t a star like they are. Though she loves her friends, she wishes she could be the very best at something.

Rita begins writing her own story, describing Emma and Lily and their gifts. As she goes through her tale in four different variations, she includes commentary in between, explaining what her teacher is asking her to change about her writing. The lesson that Rita learns is the same throughout: that she will keep trying to become a star by building up atoms through nuclear fusion. By being kind and helping and encouraging others and by not giving up on her own dreams, she is becoming the best version of herself that she can be, and she hopes to shine as she gets older. What’s more, Rita is learning how to exercise her own gift: writing.

Offering an interactive experience for young readers that can be used to help them develop their own writing journey, this children’s story shows how Rita deals with not being a star today.


Book Details:

Title: I Am Nuclear Fusion

Author: Muriel Fitzpatrick

Genre: Activity Book/ Children’s Book

Format: Paperback

Available in Kindle, paperback, and Hardcover from Amazon!

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Twitter: @mrmfitzpatrick1


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