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Book Review: Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews by Gisela Hausmann


Title: Naked Truths About Getting Book Reviews 2018 (Kindle Edition)

Author: Gisela Hausmann

Genre: Nonfiction/ “How To”

Available on Kindle

The irony that I am writing a book review for a book about getting book reviews is not lost on me.

I discovered this author on Twitter and I was intrigued by the information she had to share. I was particularly interested in this book because I will be publishing my own book to Amazon Direct Publishing in the very near future.

Although I studied English in college, I know very little about the world of independent publishing; however, even I know enough to realize that Amazon has changed the way people read and consume books. I also know that getting book reviews is incredibly important.

I am the type of person who learns about a topic by reading. (I taught myself basic HTML coding when I was in middle school by ordering a book about it from Scholastic). Deep down in my heart, I believe that I can learn anything, as long as I read the proper books (The logical side of my brain realizes that this is false. With my low vision, I am not the type of person you want flying an airplane, no matter how many books I may have read on the topic).

Therefore, I approached this brief text with a hunger to learn. I read the entire book in one sitting and I highlighted about a quarter of the book. All of the information is helpful and much of it was like vising an alien planet. For example, I never realized that an entire subculture has cropped up around Amazon Reviews. There is even an Amazon Reviewer Hall of Fame!

I knew to approach prospective readers and reviewers with respect, but this book helped me to understand the mindset of a person who takes their review game very seriously, much like how I take my own writing. 

This short little eBook (less than one hundred pages) delivered on it’s promise to provide honest information with no added fluff. I appreciated the author’s straightforward style and the fact that the information was up to date. I know that things at the publishing world, as well as in the world of technology, change rapidly.  I recommend this book for anyone who plans on writing a book in the near future, especially if (like me) you are still very new to the world of publishing. 


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