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Want to Read Wednesday: The Black Madonna- A Womanist Look at Mary of Nazareth by Courtney Hall Lee

Introduction: What is “Want to Read Wednesday?”

Hello, Friends!

Yes, I know it’s Thursday. But yesterday was Christmas (hooray!) so my days of the week are a little confused. Let’s just pretend that today is Wednesday.  (In honor of Christmas, I ended up posting my normal Thursday Biblical Encouragement Post on Wednesday).

Welcome to my Want to Read Wednesday! . Here at I am starting a new meme for the year of 20220 entitled, “Want to Read,” Wednesday. The focus of my author blog is to share with you not only information about my own writing, but to also share information about faith, books, and disability awareness. For the new year, I thought it would be interesting to give you a peak into my “to be read list.”

I enjoy following other writers and bloggers because I love discovering new books. Therefore, every Wednesday I will be sharing a a book from my “to be read,” list for 2020. It is my hope that perhaps you will discover some great new authors or learn about some fascinating new books!


What is on my “To Be Read List?”

The cover of the book shows a painting of a black woman
Image Credit: Goodreads

Merry honor of the Christmas season, I would like to take time to read Black Madonna: A Womanist Look at Mary of Nazareth

Book Details

Title: Black Madonna: A Womanist Look at Mary of Nazareth

Author: Courtney Hall Lee

Publisher: Cascade Books (An imprint of Wipf and Stock)

Publication Date: September 18, 2017

Length: 150 pages

Available in Kindle and Paperback from Amazon

Synopsis (from Goodreads):

The figure of the Virgin Mary comes loaded with baggage and preconceptions. She is usually depicted as the perfect, obedient, and highly esteemed woman, much like the Victorian notion of the “”angel in the house.”” For many black women, nothing could be more inaccessible. This book considers the relationship between African American women and Mary of Nazareth. After examining the history of black American motherhood during slavery and beyond, this book then gives an overview of the existing views of Mary in both the church and the academy. Lee then brings African American women and Mary together, creating a womanist Mariology by using womanist biblical and theological interpretation, as well as considering black motherhood during the age of “”Black Lives Matter.””

About the Author: Lee is a writer, attorney, and co-host of the Dovetail podcast, a show about the intersections of faith, culture, and social justice. Courtney is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Case Western Reserve University School of Law. She is currently pursuing a graduate certificate at Hartford Seminary. Courtney is a contributor at Sojourners online and She lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband, daughter, and toy poodle.

Why I wand to read this book:

I want to read this book because of my interest in womanist theology and my love of the interpretation of theology from the margins. Mary is one of my favorite characters in the Biblical narrative and this book looks like a well researched work of scholarship that will inspire me to look at Mary’s story from a different perspective.

Merry Christmas! May your new year be full of God’s grace and good books!

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