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I Started a YouTube Channel: Plus a Video to Make You Smile! (With guest pianist Alex)

Need a laugh? Check out Alex’s Song!

This is my favorite daily devotional video we’ve made so far. It makes me laugh every time! All joking aside, it includes an important reminder that God holds all of us in the palm of God’s hand. 

Find daily devotional videos by clicking here!

With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation, the church is currently working to find new ways to continue to reach people in the safety of their own homes. The two churches that I serve in Pennsylvania are currently closed for public worship. This is to keep everyone safe, but it makes my heart weep as I begin to seriously contemplate the very real possibility that we will not be celebrating Holy Week together.

However, I am determined to get the Good News out in any way possible. The Church has known persecution in the past, and I know that we will all get through this together. All across the globe believers are finding new and creative ways to reach and share God’s message. As a friend of mine pointed out, it seems strange to think staying at home might be what bring us closer together.

I actually don’t like being in front of the camera. I feel like everyone is staring at my blind eye or the funny face I know that I make when I squint; however, we worship a God who is full of surprises. Maybe (just maybe), my testimony might inspire someone. I’ve already received messages from people who have seen the videos I created. “Wow!” someone wrote, “I didn’t know that you could be a minister and be visually-impaired!”  


I prefer to write, but I’m learning to use video!

I’m putting all my social media skills to use for the Glory of God and the service of Church. I will be posting daily devotional videos. Some will be humorous, and others will be a bit more serious. Some will have special guests(filmed from a safe distance)and others will be just me. I hope they help provide you with comfort and a smile during this time.

On Saturday, I will be posting a video of my sermon. (CLICK HERE to see last week’s message. I got a little misty-eyed filming this one.)

On Sunday morning, we will livestream worship toFacebook at 11AM.

On Sunday evening, a recording of our worship service will be available on our website. (CLICK HERE to see a recording of our first livestream worship service).

We worship a God of the Resurrection. Jesus did not stay dead. He rose again! The church is the body of Christ, and I know that the universal church will emerge stronger than ever. We will find new ways of sharing the Good News. With so many believers sharing God’s message in new ways, it is my hope that many more people will start to follow Jesus.


Wherever you are in the world, I invite you to join with us as we share in Online Lent together.Humans were not made for social distancing. We need God, and we need one another


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