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Book Spotlight and Blog Tour: Sometimes in Bath by Charles Nevin

Sometimes In BathAbout the Book:

The stories and History of ‘Britain’s most elegant and intriguing city’. Sometimes in Bath is a captivating story-tour through the city’s history conducted by Charles Nevin, the award-winning journalist, national newspaper columnist, author and humorist. Beau Nash, Old King Bladud, young Horatio Nelson, Jane Austen’s Mr Bennet, the Emperor Haile Selassie and many more spring to life in episodes shimmering with the curious magic of Britain’s oldest resort and premier purveyor of good health, happiness and romance for the last 2000 years. Each story has an afterword distinguishing the fiction from fact, adding enthralling historical detail – and giving visitors useful links to Bath’s many sights and fascinations. Sometimes in Bath is warm, witty, wistful and will be loved by all who come to and from this most enchanting and enchanted of cities.

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About the Author:

Charles Nevin is a British national newspaper journalist of many years standing and the author of both fiction and non-fiction books

Sometimes in Bath Cover

Why I Want to Read this Book

I heard about this book through one of the Facebook groups I’m in hosted by Rachel Gilbey. (Find our more about her blog tours athttps://www.rachelsrandomresources.com

Rachel is a blogger and book reviewer from across the pond, and I really enjoy finding new books through her blog tours. I signed up for this tour quite some time ago, and life became very hectic in the meanwhile. My job has become even more busy and hectic now that all work must be done online. I’m learning about editing video, social media outreach, and doing a weekly mailer to both of the congregations that I serve. I’m working seven days a week and easily clocking seventy plus hours. In short, I have had very little time to read.

A delightful book like this is exactly my cup of tea. it sounds like just the mental vacation I’m looking for right now. I would love to escape to the town of Bath. I’ve read so much about it and have never been there.

I became interested in Bath after reading the novels of Jane Austen.  Charles Nevin seems to have hit upon a promising idea: exploring the world of Bath through the use of fiction. I enjoy short stories, and I think it is very clever that each short story is followed by an afterword that separates the fact from the fiction. What a great way to teach history through the use of literature! I look forward to someday getting my hands on a copy of this book.


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