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Devotion: This Is My Father’s World (His Encouragement)


“The Lord rules! He is robed in majesty… Yes, he set the world firmly in place; it won’t be shaken. Your throne is set firm for a very long time. You are eternal… mightier than the sea’s waves. Mighty on high is the Lord! Your laws are so faithful. Holiness decorates your house, Lord, for all time (Psalm 93:1-5).”

An artist's drawing of a happy family smiling an holding hands

This Is My Father’s World

Happy Father’s Week! This Sunday we will celebrate Father’s Day. This is a wonderful time to highlight all the men of faith in our church family and in our communities. I am especially thankful for all the Christian men who live quiet lives of faith deeply rooted in God’s love. Children need good examples now more than ever.


As a child growing up, I did not have the opportunity to get to know my father. Instead, I looked to my grandfather and the men in my church family for guidance. Within my small community of faith, I saw many wonderful examples of how to live a life rooted in God’s love. Although I did not have an earthly father, I never lacked for a father figure.


Many of us have complicated relationships with our father’s. The first week of July will mark almost exactly one year since my father passed away. I mourn the loss of the many years I wanted to spend getting to know him. This Father’s Day, I am holding everyone who has lost a parent in prayer. 


When my heart is heavy, I often find solace in the Psalms. This week, I have found particular comfort in Psalm 93. It reminds me that even when we do not have earthly parents, our heavenly parent is still seated on the throne, watching over all of us.

As the lyrics to the popular old hymn proclaim, “This is my father’s world, why should my heart be sad? The Lord is King! Let the heavens ring! God reigns, let earth be glad!” (“This Is My Father’s World,” United Methodist Hymnal #144)

Enthronement Psalms

Psalm 93 is what is known as an enthronement psalm. Psalms of enthronement celebrate God’s reign. They express new possibilities and hope for the future. The people of Ancient Israel believed that God alone reigned over all of creation. They were what we call a monotheistic religion. Their monotheism (a term that means, “belief in only one God,”) sharply contrasted with the polytheistic religions of their neighbors.
The many nations and tribes that surrounded Israel believed in many powerful deities (therefore the were termed “polytheistic,” which means “many gods”). The most powerful nations in the world at the time, such as Babylon and Egypt, worshiped gods who looked like frightening monsters. They believed that these false gods were powerful beings that blended the strength of both humans and animals. They also worshiped the sun, the moon, and the stars.
In contrast, the people of Israel worshiped only one God. They insisted that their God was mightier than all the other gods. Furthermore, not only was their God stronger and more powerful, but He was also the one who made the sun, the moon, and the stars.


The LORD Rules! 

The people of Israel wrote poetry and sang songs proclaiming that only the One True God was the Creator of everything. Therefore, God ruled over all of creation. They also made the bold claim that their God was so powerful that He ruled over ALL the nations of the entire world—whether or not the people of that nation worshiped Him.

Psalm 93 is a reminder to us that God is sovereign over all people and all the world. When we read Psalm 93 and the other enthronement Psalms in the light of Jesus, we are encouraged to work to create an alternative community where Jesus Christ is the Lord. All the earth is called to acknowledge God’s sovereignty. God is King over Heaven and Earth. God is unchanging and will always reign.

This week and always, it is my hope that the Good News found within Psalm 93 offers you comfort. Sometimes life can be so stressful and overwhelming that we all need to be reminded that God is the one in control.  With God as our refuge and our strength, there is always hope for a new tomorrow and a brighter beginning.


Until Next Week,

-Rev. Rebecca


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