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Eternal Forever by Syl Waters: Book Review and Blog Tour

Eternal Forever by Syl Waters

Synopsis from the back cover:

Fame, glory and… foul play!

Jessie was a shop worker dreaming of the big time, then YouTube found her. But staying in the limelight requires meticulous management: pop stars are made not born.

With awards night approaching, the pressure’s on for Tito, Jessie’s manager, to whip her into shape. Getting so close wasn’t in the contract, but then neither was him being murdered in Spain.

Alone and scared of the negative publicity, Jessie turns to Mack, her account manager at Eternal Forever, the UK’s first digital legacy management agency. But Mack’s got his own issues: the company’s fast running out of cash, his key developer’s on the turn and a blogger’s suicide looks suspicious.

With the assistance of J-Pop, Mack’s assistant and wannabe reality TV star, Jessie turns sleuth. But in a world where everybody’s watching, it’s hard to escape. Reputation is everything and some people will do anything to protect it.

My Review

I love a good cozy mystery, and the Eternal Forever was a perfect read for the end of summer. Previously, I had read Who Killed Patrick by the same author. I really enjoyed that book, so I was excited to read this one as well. 

One of the things I really appreciated about this book was how it helped to raise awareness about the issue of  cyber bullying. The internet can be a wonderful place, but the veil of anonymity can also empower people to do terrible things online that they would never think to do in person. I truly believe that we need to be kinder to one another and that the world desperately needs more compassion and mercy. The Eternal Forever does a great job of highlighting that theme without being preaching or pedantic.

The premise grabbed me immediately. Although the company in this book is fictional, I can easily see some type of “after life social media management group,” being established in the future. In a world where we can schedule Tweets and other social media posts months or even years in advance, it isn’t much of a jump to assume that people might soon try to carve out some form of digital immortality for themselves. This cozy mystery raises some serious questions about how we live our lives in this world, and what we leave behind us when we go. The author invites the reader to explore questions like: What really matters in life? What is more important– the truth, or what everyone thinks is true? 

In The Eternal Forever, the author does not shy away from facing difficult issues head-on. Essentially, no one in this book who they seem and the plot is full of surprising twists and turns. If you’re in the mood for a thought provoking and unique mystery, you will have a great time reading this book. 

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About the Author –

Most people know crazy cat ladies are a ‘thing’, but I’m a proud crazy guinea pig lady! I love fun in the sun and plenty of cocktails. My happy place is flip flops. I write stories to keep me company – my characters ensure I’m never lonely and always smiling (when I’m not tearing my hair out!)

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Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi Rebecca,

    I hadn’t heard from you since writng or posting your story. Hope all is well with you and yours. One of my readers wrote to thank me for posting your story.

    Seems like God is bringing some answers to our families prayer. Every day holds more hope than the day before so I am rejoicing amidst the turmoil.

    Write when you get a chance to let me know how things are.


    Jena Fellers

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    Jena Fellers

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