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Book Review and Blog Tour: The Boy in the Well by Dan Clark

The Boy in the Well by Dan Clark is a suspenseful dark mystery.


Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of suspenseful novels to learn more about the craft of writing. Currently, my Jeff and I are co-writing a spooky novel based on true events. It will be the first novel that we have written together.

I was delighted to accept a free copy of this book from Rachel at Rachel’s Random Resources in exchange for an honest review. The Boy in the Well kept me turning pages, and I’m happy to be part of this blog tour (a blog tour is an online book tour).

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Synopsis from the publisher:

A time to mourn. A gruesome find. A race for the truth.

After her husband and son are killed in a tragic car accident, Carolyn goes to stay with her mother in a quiet, rural town. She hopes the break will help her cope with her loss.

Soon, Carolyn discovers that the small town holds unforgivable secrets. One she stumbles upon when she discovers the body of a young boy down a well – only to find he has disappeared when she returns with the police.

The local residents, including Carolyn’s mother, doubt her discovery and blame it on her current state of mind. Rumours begin to spread.

With somebody determined to stop Carolyn uncovering the truth, she knows she needs to prove what she saw. Not just for the boy and his family but also for herself.

Will Carolyn be able to find the proof she needs? Or will her life be in danger if she continues her search?

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My Review

The Boy in the Well is a dark and suspenseful mystery from debut author Dan Clark. 

I read this entire book in a single day. The pacing is on point and kept me guessing.  From the moment the protagonist makes her gruesome discovery, I had to keep reading to figure out what was really going on in this small town across the pond. 

Everyone in this town has a secret to hide. As Carolyn tries her best to unravel the mystery, the truth becomes more complex. Eventually, the tangled web of lies leads to a shocking conclusion. 

I don’t want to say too much because I don’t want to give away the ending—  so I’ll just say WOW! That ending really got me. I did NOT see it coming. I’m an avid reader and I’m generally very good at solving mysteries, but I couldn’t  figure out all the twists and turns in this novel. 

Although I would not describe this novel as particularly graphic (especially compared to what you can find on cable TV nowadays), I would advise readers that it does touch on some fairly serious and upsetting topics. I would describe this book as “Law and Order SVU meets Agatha Christie.” If you enjoy dark suspenseful thrillers, you’ll have a great time solving the mystery of The Boy in the Well. 

*Thank you to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Please be sure to check the other blogs on this virtual book tour!

About the Author

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Dan Clark was born in the North West of England. He started reading Stephen King from an early age and is still a committed fan today, believing this is what inspired him to start writing.

After leaving school, he studied Accounting before realising working with numbers wasn’t for him. He has done numerous jobs which include, working in retail, in busy restaurants as a Chef, driving a taxi and moving on to driving lorries.

Dan lives with his fiancé, Rachel, and easily annoyed cat, Burt. In his free time he loves to find a comfortable chair with a large cup of tea and read thriller and horror novels. He enjoys walking and being out in the countryside and devotes most of his time to his passion: writing his own stories.

Connect with the Author on Social Media

Twitter: @DanielRClark3


Facebook page.

Instagram: @dan_clark100

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