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A Prayer for Veterans Day

Please feel free to use this prayer in your personal devotions or to adapt it for use in corporate worship.

Free stock photo of an American flag proudly waving in the sunshine

Dear God, You are Our Rock and our Refuge,
We praise your name and give thanks on this day of remembrance for all of those who have served our country. We are grateful for their sacrifices and for their gift of service. We are also thankful for their families and friends who loved them and supported them. Thank you for those veterans who are still with us on this earthly plane and thank you for the sacrifices of all those who have gone home to be with you.

May their sacrifices not be in vain. May you always be honored in this land, and may there come a time when your justice rolls down and your righteousness reigns. Until that day comes, strengthen us to serve you as best we can until our eyes close in death.

Please comfort all of those who mourn the loss of a loved one, and may we all rejoice in the true freedom that is Christ Jesus. May this country always be a safe place to worship you, until Christ comes once more to judge the living and the dead. We pray in your holy name, Amen.

About the author: Rev. Rebecca L. Holland, M.Div. OSL is an ordained elder serving in the Susquehanna Conference of the UMC. She is proud of her intersectional identity as a visually-impaired Filipino-American clergy woman. She is the author of Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse, The United Methodist Church and Disability, and Hope for the Broken: Using Writing to Find God’s Grace.She blogs about faith, books, and disability awareness at

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