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Book Clubs: A Christian Tradition

The Church has a long history of supporting the arts. During the middle ages in Europe, the church was responsible for the education and formation of the people. During a time when the majority of the people lived with the ever looming threat of starvation, the church provided a home and a livelihood for young people… Continue reading Book Clubs: A Christian Tradition

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First Line Fridays #5: The Redemption of Scrooge

Welcome to First Line Fridays! First Line Fridays is a fun meme hosted by Hoarding Books! The aim of the game? Grab the book closest to you and share the first line!   Title: The Redemption of Scrooge  Authors: Matt Rawle Publisher:  Abingdon Press Genre: Christian nonfiction/ Small Group Study/ Devotional/ Advent Study "What comes to… Continue reading First Line Fridays #5: The Redemption of Scrooge