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Awaiting the Proofs for My First Poetry Book!

Update 12/6/18: My chapbook Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse is now available on Kindle (FREE with Kindle Unlimited!) or in paperback!  As I sit here, I'm so excited that I can hardly contain myself. This morning, I completed my order on Amazon in order to receive five proof copies for my very first chapbook, Through My… Continue reading Awaiting the Proofs for My First Poetry Book!

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What Does Healing Look Like?

This past week, I deepened my spirituality by spending time at a retreat with members of the Order of St. Luke. Throughout the week, we emphasized how Luke portrays Christ as the healer, and I couldn’t help but wonder, why does God heal some people and not others? Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Sight About… Continue reading What Does Healing Look Like?

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Tips for Sermon Writing

Dear Reader, John Wesley (one my personal heroes and co-founder of Methodism) encouraged “plain speaking for plain people,” he also advocated excellence in preaching. When preparing a sermon, I always ask myself the following questions: 1.) You are the resident theologian: Even if you have never attended seminary, there is a good chance that you… Continue reading Tips for Sermon Writing