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Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse by Rev. Rebecca L. Holland


Amazon Author Page: Rev. Rebecca L. Holland

Now available in paperback from Amazon in Paperback or on Kindle! 

From the back cover: 

The world never expected much from Rebecca, but God had other plans.

Marked as different from an early age by her visual disability and her ethnic features, Rebecca was once told by a teacher in her small hometown that she would never go to college.

After enduring years of abuse, Rebecca almost gave up on herself; however, God had other plans. God gave Rebecca a new life and an unexpected new identity as a preacher in her beloved United Methodist Church.

Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse , gives the reader a glimpse of the world the way the author sees it. This brief chapbook includes poems from her first five years in ministry as she worked toward ordination, fell in love with her congregation, and eventually found her own, “happily ever after.”

An earnest statement of faith in the midst of struggle, this collection invites you to take a look at the world from an entirely new perspective.



 My debut novel, Cinnamon Rolls & Running Shoes! 

cinnamon rolls cover

From the back cover:

Faith only wants Lance to notice her.

Faith  has loved Lance from afar since high school, but Lance has never spared her so much as a second glance. Lance doesn’t date full figured women.

Alex has loved Faith since they were children- but will she ever see him as more than her nerdy best friend? 

When Faith decides to lose weight by entering the Annual Lovely Marathon, she is certain that she will finally catch Lance’s eye. Alex, her asthmatic childhood best friend, reluctantly agrees to help; however, he fears that each mile Faith runs is taking her farther away from him.

Can Faith overcome her love of Cinnamon Rolls and stick to marathon training? 

Faith and Alex have never quite belonged in their idyllic small town of Lovely, Pennsylvania. Faith was always mocked for her full figure and Alex, who was adopted from the Philippines, has always felt different from his very white classmates.

Will Alex and Faith learn that in the end, you can’t run from love? 


Charles Dickens, Herman Melville, and Alexandre Dumas were all published in serial form. I’m happy to say that now I am as well!

Cinnamon Rolls & Running Shoes! 

Available Exclusively on Channillo!

Paperback coming 2020!

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Other Works


How Writing Helped Me to Explore My Filipino Heritage. (16 May 2019). Captivating Magazine. 

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall: What Women, People of Color, and People with Disabilities Stand to Lose if the UMC Doesn’t Stand Together.” (8 April, 2019). Hacking Christianity. 

“Remain: What Does the UMC Stand to Lose in a Split?” (8 April, 2019). Originally published in Hacking Christianity (see above). Reprinted in UM Insight with permission.

“Gender, Race, and Disability: The Aspects of Inclusion We Frequently Overlook.” (12 March 2019.) United Methodist Insight.  

3 Career Lessons I Wish I Had Known Sooner. (March 2019: Issue No. 4). CAPTIVATING! Magazine. 

7 Relationships for Inter-abled Couples and Couples with Disabilities. (February 2019: Issue No. 3). CAPTIVATING! Magazine. 

4 Easy Steps All People, Including People with Disabilities, Can Take to Improve Heart Health. (February 2019: Issue No. 3). CAPTIVATING! Magazine

“An Open Letter to the United Methodist Church: From a Visually Impaired, Half-Filipino Clergywoman Who Loves You.” (31 January 2019). United Methodist Insight.

“Facing Sight Loss with Grace and Hope.” (22 January 2019). Stephanae McCoy (Ed.). Bold Blind Beauty.

“16 Easy Ways for Your Church of Organization Can Be More Accessible to People with Disabilities.” (January 2019: Issue No. 2). CAPTIVATING! Magazine. 

“Voice Dream Reader: An App That Increases Accessibility for People with Print Disabilities.”  (January 2019: Issue No. 2). CAPTIVATING! Magazine.

“Finding Success in a World Dominated by Men’s Voices.” (2018). Women Writers, Women’s Books.

“Prayer to Find the Way Forward,””Responsive Prayer for the Way Forward,” and “Litany for the Way Forward.” (2018). Praying Our Way Forward to General Conference: Prayer Resources. (21 December 2018). Connecting Ministries of the Susquehanna Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Poems & Microfiction 

“SPAM Eater.” (7 May 2019). Issue 2. Neon Mariposa Magazine. 

“What They Said When Io Ran,” (5 April 2019). Amethyst Review. 

Interview.” (21 March 2019) 50 Word Stories. 

My White Cane Is a Magic Wand.” (12 February 2019). The Drabble: Shortness of Breath. 

“Prayer in Honor of the Feast of St. Luke (Poem).” (Fall 2018).  The Font: Fostering Connections Connections Within the Order Of St. Luke.  For more information about the Order of St. Luke, visit:


Guest Posts:

Interview. (March 2019). 

“How My Natural Filipina Hair Became My Mark of Personal Identity.” (March 2019). 

“My Favorite Christmas Song, “Come Thou Long Expected Jesus. “ (3 December 2018). Ai Love Music: Exploring New Music Together. 

“Understanding Beliefs: The Christian.” (16 November 2018). The Mommy Lady. 


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