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Connecting to God Through Christ’s Mother: Our Lady Saint Mary by Rev. J.G.H. Barry, D.D

 Even if you do not agree with all the assertions that Rev. Barry makes in this piece, I hope that it will give you some interesting food for thought in your own ministry setting this Advent. The section on the sacramental theology of baptism as viewed through a Marian lens is particularly interesting.   

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Book Review and Blog Tour: The Girl with the Flaming Hair a traditional regency romance by Natalie Kleinman

The Girl with the Flaming Hair by Natalie Kleinman is a regency romance that is full of twists and turns! My Review My name is Rebecca and I love books. Regency romances are one of my favorite guilty pleasures. That is why I was pleased to accept a free copy of The Girl With the… Continue reading Book Review and Blog Tour: The Girl with the Flaming Hair a traditional regency romance by Natalie Kleinman

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Book Birthday Spotlight: Solo by Aaron Hodges

The bad times won't last forever, and for more than five years, Aaron Hodges has journeyed the globe alone, visiting everywhere from Istanbul to Argentina. Honest and insightful, SOLO is packed with his personal travel tips and humorous stories. Learn about the ups and downs, the triumphs and the pitfalls of venturing off the beaten path. Follow his guidelines for exploring the world alone and be inspired to take the trip you’ve always dreamed of.

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Children’s #Audiobook Review– Wombat and Jones: The Great Banana Mystery

Written by author Arran Francis, creator of multiple series for BBC's CBeebies Radio, Wombat & Jones: The Great Banana Mystery is a funny tale about friendship, problem-solving, and teamwork. Simple mistakes and jumping to conclusions can happen after all, but Wombat & Jones try their best to put it right and learn from them. 

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Want to Read Wednesday: The Pastor Wears a Skirt by Dorothy Nickel Friesen

Rev. Dorothy Nickel Friesen, an ordained Mennonite pastor, digs deep into the soul of a pastor with humor, pathos, and passion. Her memoir, a collection of short stories based on true events, visits the agony of bedside death, lost dreams, and angry parishioners who walk away from her leadership. She also shares the laugh-out-loud stories of weddings (a missing groom), rituals of deep meaning (with water from the Jordan River), and tension-filled advocacy for peace (on a military base).

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Want to Read Wednesday: The Black Madonna- A Womanist Look at Mary of Nazareth by Courtney Hall Lee

This book considers the relationship between African American women and Mary of Nazareth. After examining the history of black American motherhood during slavery and beyond, this book then gives an overview of the existing views of Mary in both the church and the academy.