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Celebrate Lit Blog Tour: Act of Valor by Dana Mentink- Christian Fiction with a Cute Dog on the Cover!

Act of Valor by Dana Metntink was a very cute category romance. It is clear that she knows both her form and her audience.  I enjoyed spending time with these characters and I would be interested to read more books in this series, especially since they all include brave canine companions. 

Image shows the cover of the The Bright Side of Darkness by J.E. Pinto.The cover shows a figure in silhouette sitting with their head in their hands inside a room with a barred window. 
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Book Review & Author Interview: The Bright Side of Darkness by J.E. Pinto

The Bright Side of Darkness by Jo Elizabeth Pinto is one of the best books that I have read so far this year. It is deeply moving and inspiring. It also includes one of the best depiction of a character with a disability that I have ever seen in literature.