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Audiobook Review: After the Storm by Isabella Muir and Narrated by Charles Johnston

When a violent storm blasts England’s south coast, it’s up to retired Italian detective Giuseppe Bianchi to sift through the devastation and piece together the tragic events left behind in the storm’s wake. My Review I'm a huge bookworm with some visual problems, so audiobooks have become one of my favorite ways to read. I'm… Continue reading Audiobook Review: After the Storm by Isabella Muir and Narrated by Charles Johnston

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Audio Book Review and Blog Blitz: The Lost Sentinel by Suzanne Rogerson

Growing up, "old school" fantasy was one of my favorite genres. Fans of classic "sword and sorcery" will find a lot to love about Rogerson's work. What is particularly delightful is that she manages to put a fresh spin on a classic genre. Her imaginative storytelling and creative world building combine to put a unique spin on the comfortingly familiar quest formula. I enjoyed getting lost in this immersive listening experience.

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Audiobook Review: Fresh Eggs and Dog Beds- A quirky memoir about moving to Ireland!

Nick and Lesley Albert yearn to leave the noise, stress and pollution of modern Britain and move to the countryside, where the living is good, the air sweet, with space for their dogs to run free. Suddenly out of work and soon to be homeless, they set off in search of a new life in Ireland, a country they had never visited. A

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Visions of Zarua (Audible Fantasy Book Review @raresources)

I found this book to be fresh and unique because the author combines my favorite elements of fantasy with an engaging and suspenseful mystery. I was on the edge of my seat and I couldn't stop listening as I waited for Padren and his friends to unravel the suspenseful plot that involved murder most foul in the wizarding world. 

The cover of I Win from the Goodreads website
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Audiobook Review: “I, Win” by Win Kelly Charles with Author Q&A #DisabilityAwareness

"I, Win," by Win Kelly Charles is an incredible book by an incredible young woman who is working to redefine the way the world views people with disabilities.

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Audio Book Review: “Influencer” by B. Hennessey

Title: Influencer: Building Your Social Brand in an Age of Media  Author: Brittany Hennessey Format: I read the Audible version (Also available on eBook and in paperbook) Length: 256 pages I saw the book Influencer, on a fellow book blogger's website. The review was so good that you could say I was 'influenced," by the blogger to purchase… Continue reading Audio Book Review: “Influencer” by B. Hennessey