Cover of Quiet Insurrections by Daniel Klawitter
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Poetry Review: “Quiet Insurrections” by Daniel Klawitter

Title: Quiet Insurrections  Author:Daniel Klawitter Genre: Poetry Publisher: Kelsay Books Length: 58 Pages Available in paperback from  Friends, Let me just say it: Klawitter is good. I mean- he's really good.  I read a lot of poetry. I love poetry in all of it's forms. I love experimental poetry and modern poetry. I love spoken word poetry and… Continue reading Poetry Review: “Quiet Insurrections” by Daniel Klawitter

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What Does Healing Look Like?

This past week, I deepened my spirituality by spending time at a retreat with members of the Order of St. Luke. Throughout the week, we emphasized how Luke portrays Christ as the healer, and I couldn’t help but wonder, why does God heal some people and not others? Glaucoma: The Silent Thief of Sight About… Continue reading What Does Healing Look Like?

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Order of St. Luke Retreat

  Dear Reader, My mind is racing as I try to gather my thoughts. I’m working hard to get everything in order so that I will be ready for the Order of St. Luke retreat this coming week. The retreat takes place at a beautiful monastery with a lovely prayer garden. It’s the perfect place… Continue reading Order of St. Luke Retreat