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My Top 12 Favorite Books of 2022

I love to read. This year I read 90 books from a variety of genres, including memoir, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and theology. Lots of them were great, but these were some of my favorites that I highly recommend. What was the best  book  you read this year

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Book Review: ROAR How to Match Your Food and Fitness to Your Unique Female Physiology by S. T. Sims

I wanted to lift up this book because I think that there are probably other women out there who, like me, want to improve their fitness but aren't sure where to begin. Diet and exercise have never come naturally to me, and I am grateful I found this well researched book to guide my training. This book is brimming with great information and I know I will refer to it again the next time I'm stuck in a training rut. I don't know if my next race time will improve, but I do know that I feel happier and healthier after reading this book and putting some of these ideas into practice.

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Memoirs of a Karate Fighter is a memoir that packs a powerful punch! (Book Review and Blog Tour)

This hard hitting memoir tackles issues such as mental illness, racism, and the strength of the human spirit. Synopsis: Memoirs of a Karate Fighter Novelist and former karate champion Ralph Robb recounts his experiences at one of Europe’s toughest dojos and provides an insight into the philosophy and training methods of a club which produced… Continue reading Memoirs of a Karate Fighter is a memoir that packs a powerful punch! (Book Review and Blog Tour)

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Awesome Reviews for Hope for the Broken: Using Writing to Find God’s Grace!

good things come in small packages... part autobiography, part sharing of ideas, part devotion, part guidance, part instruction manual, part motivational, and an outstanding word of encouragement. As she tells and reflects on her own story, she gives a foundation that encourages the reader to recall and tell their own story...

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What We Can Learn From Early Methodist Women Preachers: An Author Interview with Rev. Donna L. Fowler-Machant

Most Methodists are unaware of the role these women played in the development of the movement and of the debt we owe them. I hope that clergy and laity, female and male, will read the book and learn from as well as learn about them. They are wonderful companions for the spiritual journey, and their deep wisdom and faithful example will enrich and enliven our own faith while also giving us a fuller picture of what Methodism was like in its earliest years.

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Book Review: Jane Austen’s Best Friend: The Life and Influence of Martha Lloyd by Zoe Wheddon

Jane Austen’s Best Friend: The life and influence of Martha Lloyd Synopsis from the publisher: All fans of Jane Austen everywhere believe themselves to be best friends with the beloved author and this book shines a light on what it meant to be exactly that. Jane Austen's Best Friend; The Life and Influence of Martha… Continue reading Book Review: Jane Austen’s Best Friend: The Life and Influence of Martha Lloyd by Zoe Wheddon

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Book Birthday Spotlight: Solo by Aaron Hodges

The bad times won't last forever, and for more than five years, Aaron Hodges has journeyed the globe alone, visiting everywhere from Istanbul to Argentina. Honest and insightful, SOLO is packed with his personal travel tips and humorous stories. Learn about the ups and downs, the triumphs and the pitfalls of venturing off the beaten path. Follow his guidelines for exploring the world alone and be inspired to take the trip you’ve always dreamed of.