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Tyrone Trolley Bridge Rediscovered (Guest Post by Jeffery D. Holland)

I had never put the two images side by side. Doing so I found them to be one and the same. The greatest part was the second photo showed a view in the opposite direction showing the houses in Nealmont, houses that are still there and were a perfect match! This was the final confirmation. I had finally located the bridge from the postcard.

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I Started a YouTube Channel: Plus a Video to Make You Smile! (With guest pianist Alex)

I'm putting all my social media skills to use for the Glory of God and the service of Church. I will be posting daily devotional videos. Some will be humorous, and others will be a bit more serious. Some will have special guests(filmed from a safe distance)and others will be just me. I hope they help provide you with comfort and a smile during this time. 


Taking a Global Stand Against Climate Change: Guest Post by Chloe Ward (Freelance Wildlife Writer)

This week, I am delighted to feature experienced environmental journalist and wildlife writer, Chloe May Ward. Chloe and I both love animals and this beautiful world in which we live.  That is why I am pleased to share with you Chloe's fascinating article about how young people are working together to raise awareness about climate change and the importance of protecting our planet.