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Ask Win: My Interview On this Amazing Podcast #DisabilityAwareness

Today (12 January 2019), I had the opportunity to be interviewed by the amazing Win Kelly Charles on her podcast, “Ask Win.” Win Kelly Charles is a bestselling author, fashionista, and journalist. I was very honored that Win contacted me and asked if I would like to be interviewed on her show regarding my recent chapbook, Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse.  

Win has recorded over 1,000 episodes of her long running podcast, “Ask Win.” She has a wide reaching fan base of over 10,000 subscribers. Win is also a talented artist and her work has appeared in the hands of celebrities. Many people in today’s world would consider Win to be an “influencer.

One other interesting thing about Win? She also has Cerebral Palsy. I list this aspect of Win’s life because sheis not defined by her disability. As Win stated on her show today, it is her goal to face disability with, “grace and style.”

I had to laugh. “Well,” I replied, “As United Methodists, we place a lot of emphasis on grace; however, I hope that you will be able to help me with my sense of style!”

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Important Show Notes:

A disclaimer…

As I stated, I was honored to be interviewed by Win about my recent chapbook, especially since all the profits from Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse will be donated to Christ Community UMC. However, as we state clearly in the disclaimer at the beginning of this show, I am not authorized to speak on behalf of the United Methodist Church. I love my church, especially my wonderful home congregation, but I can only speak on behalf of myself and my own personal experiences. Please know that while I love the UMC, I am not an official spokesperson. Nevertheless, if you’re in Central Pennsylvania and would like to pay my congregation a visit sometime, we would love to have you worship with us!

Win Isn’t Afraid to Ask the Tough Questions! 

Win is an experienced journalist and she isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions! Win didn’t pull any punches and wasn’t afraid to question me about my views on the church, accessibility, radical hospitality, and how the church can become a more welcoming place for people with disabilities.

In this episode, Win shared a very personal story about how a member of the church caused her pain after the loss of her mother. This interaction was so painful for Win that it caused her to leave that particular church. Win expressed the belief that although she supports my mission to help make the church more welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities, she believes that it is a very long journey and she wonders if we will ever make the place a truly welcoming place for people with disabilities.

“What are you doing to make the church more accessible?” Win asked me. This question is one that I will continue to carry with me throughout 2019 and the coming years. She truly is a hard hitting and talented journalist.

Making space for voices like Win’s and listening to stories like hers is an important part of learning to see one another as human beings and not objects. 

The best answer that I could give Win was that I believe true change starts in the heart.  The church and the world at large will never become truly accessible until we learn to view one another as people made in the image of God. Seeing the face of Christ in one another is key to recognizing another person’s humanity.

“I’ll keep doing my best to fill the world with light and love here in my own little corner of the world here in Pennsylvania,” I told win earnestly, “and I’m glad to know that you are out there doing the same thing in your part of the world in Colorado.”

One other quick note: At a certain point in the show, Win took a moment to express her views on politics. I made certain to keep completely silent during that part of the podcast. My goal was to talk about Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse and not to engage in political discussion. This brief moment lasts for only about a minute.

Important Links:

Win was willing to ask lots of tough questions. Here are links to some of the resources that I mentioned during the show:

CLICK HERE If you’re interested in learning  more about the Safe Sanctuaries Policies of the Susquehanna Conference.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the wonderful work that the United Methodist DisAbility Ministries Committee is doing throughout the country and the world. This committee has been in place since 1992 and is supervised by Bishop Peggy Johnson.

You can out more about Win and her amazing work here at her website:

Listen to, “Ask Win with Rebecca L. (Torres) Holland”

Click above or use  this link to listen to the full podcast! We talked about much more than what I’ve included in these show notes, including what it was like for Win to carry the Olympic torch in 2002!

Please subscribe to Ask Win on iTunes!

Win’s best friend & executive assistant can be found at:

Dan Can Shred

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Win Kelly Charles is also the author of the bestselling book I, Win. She has been kind enough to agree to allow me to interview her for this blog! Make sure you subscribe on Word Press or by E-mail so that you don’t miss my book review and this exciting interview with Win! 

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