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About Rev. Rebecca


Rev. Rebecca
Rev. Rebecca smiles as she sits at her desk in the study at the parsonage.

Rev. Rebecca L. Torres-Holland, M.Div.

Rebecca is an aspiring author and a United Methodist pastor. Rebecca is particularly passionate about spreading the love of God to those who have been traditionally marginalized by the church. She hopes to write books that will help to empower women in ministry as well as people with disabilities and people of color. She firmly believes that the church needs diverse leadership and that everyone has a story worth sharing. It is her goal to help others find their voices so that they can share their stories.

Rebecca is a graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary, where she earned her Master’s of Divinity. She was ordained as an elder in the United Methodist Church in 2017. She is currently the pastor of a wonderful little church in central Pennsylvania, which she has served since 2014.

Rebecca has always had a love of words. She earned her undergraduate degree in English Education in 2011. She is the mother of a very grumpy cat and a sassy chihuahua.

Rebecca blogs here about ministry, the church, literature, and her life as a young female clergywoman of color with a visual disability.

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