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Book Review: “Pika Bunny Has A Big Question” by W. Gilhula

Title: Pika Bunny and the Big Question 

Length: 36 pages

Genre: Children’s Picture Book/ Educational Allegory

Author: Wendy Gilhula

Illustrator: Adrianna “Ad” Allegretti

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“Giving is the happiest love can be.” -Mama Rabbit

(From Pika Bunny and the Big Question by W. Gilhula)


Pika Bunny and the Big Question was absolutely adorable. Even more importantly, this small book includes a BIG lesson about what it means to love one another. The pictures are eye catching and very colorful. I absolutely loved them and I know that children will be delighted by them as well.  Every illustration is a delight.


In Pika Bunny and the Big Question, young Pika asks his mother, “How do we love?”

Pika’s mother responds, “Love can be many different things…Some say that love is understanding. Some say that love is kindness…. Love is how we act.”


Although Pika is somewhat confused by his mother’s words, he soon finds himself on an accidental journey of self discovery Along the way, he encounters a porcupine that just wants a hug, a butterfly in need of some assistance, and a sleeping bear. When Pika at last returns home, he has learned that love isn’t just a feeling: love is an action.

As a United Methodist minister, one of my favorite points of emphasis is the fact that we must respond to God’s love through action. Love is a verb. God loved us and therefore God gave us the gift of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. In the same way, when we love one another, it is not enough to just sit in the pews on a Sunday morning and feel warm and fuzzy. We must go out and share the love of God with others by helping people who are in need.

Pika Bunny perfectly illustrates what such active and selfless love looks like in a way that young readers will be able to easily understand. I would highly recommend this book for use in a Sunday School setting. It would also be an excellent teaching tool in a secular setting in order to help children to learn about emotional intelligence and the complex nature of love.

This book would be excellent for families to read aloud together. I could see myself reading this book to the children as part of my children’s message on a Sunday morning.

I highly recommend this book for use in churches and schools as well as for families. It is an excellent teaching tool to help children learn about what it means to truly love one another well.

If you would like to hear this adorable tale read aloud for yourself, you can view YouTube link on the author’s website. I have also embedded it here.



*Note: I received a free digital copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 


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PIka Bunny and the Big Question was the very first book I read in 2019! What books are you currently reading? Let me know in the comments below! 

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