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Want to Read Wednesday: The Pastor Wears a Skirt by Dorothy Nickel Friesen

Introduction: What is “Want to Read Wednesday?”

Hello, Friends!

Welcome to my blog. Here at I am starting a new meme for the year of 20210 entitled, “Want to Read,” Wednesday. The focus of my author blog is to share with you not only information about my own writing, but to also share information faith, books, and disability awareness. For the new year, I thought it would be interesting to give you a peak into my “to be read list.” I enjoy following other writers and bloggers because I love discovering new books. Therefore, every Wednesday I will be sharing a a book from my “to be read,” list for 2020. It is my hope that perhaps you will discover some great new authors or learn about some fascinating new books!


What is on my “To Be Read List?”

The cover of the book shows a silhouette of a woman standing at a pulpit
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The Pastor Wears a Skirt: Stories of Gender and Ministry 

Book Details

Title: The Pastor Wears a Skirt: Stories of Gender and Ministry

Author: Dorothy Nickel Friesen

Publisher: Resource Publications (An imprint of Wipf and Stock)

Publication Date: March 28, 2018

Length: 170 pages

Available in Paperback and Kindle from Amazon! 


Dangerous woman? Ordained by God? Gender matters!

What do pastors really do beyond the pulpit? What’s it like to be a woman pastor?

It’s complicated. People leave congregations when the pastor wears a skirt. Other congregations become advocates for women clergy.

Rev. Dorothy Nickel Friesen, an ordained Mennonite pastor, digs deep into the soul of a pastor with humor, pathos, and passion. Her memoir, a collection of short stories based on true events, visits the agony of bedside death, lost dreams, and angry parishioners who walk away from her leadership. She also shares the laugh-out-loud stories of weddings (a missing groom), rituals of deep meaning (with water from the Jordan River), and tension-filled advocacy for peace (on a military base).

With honesty and warmth, Rev. Dorothy beckons women, especially, to love God’s people as a leader, preacher, and friend. She hopes this book will help you see beyond the “Bible wars” and deepen your faith that God generously gifts women for spiritual leadership.

Why I wand to read this book:

I want to read this book because of my personal interest in women in ministry.  I currently serve as a pastor in congregational ministry in the United Methodist Church. I am also an author, and one of the many projects I am working on focuses on women in ministry. The challenge I face in doing research is that many documents are not available in an accessible format (I am visually impaired and cannot read books with regular print).

I’m on a bit of a Wipf and Stock kick right now because I recently discovered that they are an academic press with an entire catalog available in an accessible format. Any book that is available on Kindle is accessible for readers who are visually impaired because the Kindle app works with voiceover technology. This book holds both personal and professional interest for me.

Do you enjoy reading books written by women in ministry?

If so, please consider checking out my short book of poetry, Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse. My latest book, The United Methodist Church and Disability, is also available.

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