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Opening Prayer for Independence Day by Rev. Rebecca L. Holland

Happy Summer! Did you know that July 4th falls on a Sunday this year? I’ve been working on worship planning and I was inspired to write the following prayer for my churches to use during our Independence Day Worship services. I always appreciate it when other people share prayers and worship resources for free online, so I wanted to take this opportunity to share as well. I hope you find this prayer useful in your worship planning or in your daily life. Happy Independence Day!

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Opening Prayer for Independence Day:

Leader: Dear God, we give you thanks on this Day of Independence that we are free to worship you in the safety of our homes, our churches, or online. We are grateful for our church family and friends. We also remember all of those people who are not able to worship as they choose. Our hearts are with those who live in places where it is dangerous to be a Christian. Please give them strength during this time of trial.

Response: Dear God, you are the Great Creator. You made us in Your image and we give You thanks for your love. You are the God of all nations and all peoples. We look forward to the day when all people everywhere will be united in Christian love.  Strengthen our hearts, O God. Renew us with the liberating knowledge that true freedom comes from Christ. Jesus conquers sin and sets us free. Thanks be to God!  

–By Rev. Rebecca L. Holland, M.Div.

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