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Poem: Valentine

Did no one tell you

you were beautiful?

Let me tell you every day.

Come to me, my darling,

Let me wipe your tears away.


When the road is weary

And you just don’t feel as strong

Come to me, my darling,

Let me hold you in my song.


When your bones are aching

And your hair is going gray,

Lean on me, my darling,

For my love will always stay.


And when you get to heaven

And see Jesus face to face-

Oh, how I’ll miss you, my sweet darling

How I’ll long for your embrace-

Wait for me, my darling-

For you are my saving grace.  



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Happy Valentine’s Day!

For more of my poetry, be sure to check out my chapbook Through My Good Eye: A Memoir in Verse, available on Kindle and in paperback from Amazon. All profits will be donated to my beloved church, but if you would like another free poem, HERE is one that I wrote back in January for the New Year! 



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