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The Horse Is Never Wrong by Mary Pagones gives voice to a neurodivergent narrator and is lots of horse filled fun!

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The Horse  Is Never Wrong (prequel to The Fortune’s Fool series) by Mary Pagones gives voice to a neurodivergent narrator and is full of horse-filled happiness!


My Review

horse is never wrong

Image Description: The book cover shows a brown horse against a back drop of puzzle pieces. CLICK HERE to get your own copy!


I couldn’t put this book down! It’s been weeks since I finished this book and I keep thinking about it. The main character in the book, Heather, reminds me of one of my closest friends.

The protagonist gives voice to Asperger Syndrome

I love animals and I love books where characters with disabilities get to have a voice. Heather, the narrator, has been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome. Throughout the novel, Heather struggles with whether or not she will allow her “disability,” to define her- or whether she will learn to define her disability.

There are several people in my life that I love who are considered, “aspies.” I know that we have had many long discussions as to whether or not Asperger’s is a “disability,” or simply another way of living one’s life. Heather’s personal struggles with identity and disability rang true for me and it I appreciate that the author created space for such diverse cast.


This book is lots of Horsey Fun- but with a lot of heart and a much deeper message. 

I had so much fun reading this book that I stayed up until midnight reading it. Then I got up early the next morning in order to finish it! This book is so unique and special – fun and quirky, just like it’s protagonist – I’ve never read anything quite like it before.

The book has lots of fun 80’s reference as well as many references to great works of literature. It is good horsey fun – but it also isn’t afraid to dig into complicated and difficult topics, like prejudice, ableism, and homophobia.


I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves animals and diverse representation in literature. 

Heather, Simon, and Sean were painted so vividly and I really enjoyed hanging out with them. I can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for Simon.  This is one of the best books that I have read in ages!

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who loves animals or loves diverse representation in literature.


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Book Details

Title: The Horse Is Never Wrong (Fortunes’s Fool- Book #0)

Author: Mary Pagones

Edition: Kindle

Length: 198 Pages

Publication Date: January 6, 2015

Synopsis from Goodreads:

Autism may have trouble speaking, but Asperger’s won’t shut up. Things aren’t going well for fifteen-year-old Heather during her sophomore year of high school. Not only is she friendless, she has been recently diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) by the school psychologist. The only things Heather has to comfort her are her books and that’s just not enough. After Heather begins to take riding lessons at a local stable, things begin to change. Riding horses forces Heather out of her comfort zone and teaches her about her hidden capabilities and strengths. Gradually, the label that she has been given seems less and less important. But can she continue to improve enough to become a really good rider, the kind of rider she wants to become who can communicate with her horse and teach it something meaningful? These are the types of questions people can’t answer-she must ask the horse, because… THE HORSE IS NEVER WRONG.


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