A sunshet shows a family in silhouette. One person sits in a wheelchair
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Will There Be Disability in Heaven? – God Loves You Exactly As You Are

After my mission trip, I was inspired by the words of Christ. I still did not know why I was born with the congenital cataracts that caused my disability, but I decided that it wasn't the why that mattered. It was what I did with my life.

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Book Review: The Spec Set by Taya Okerland is a fun adventure with neurodivergent heroes!

The Spec Set by Taya Okerlund is a fast paced science fiction adventure in which neurodivergent characters get the chance to be the heroes! If you love diverse representation in literature or enjoy a good science fiction book, The Spec Set is one adventure that you won't want to miss! 

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The Saxon Wolves by Penny Ingham Is an Epic Journey into Britain’s Dark Ages (Blog Tour & Author Interview)

The Saxon Wolves by Penny Ingham takes readers on an impeccably researched epic journey into Britain's Dark Ages. For Anya, priestess and princess, exile is only the beginning. I had the opportunity to interview the very talented author, Penny Ingham.

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What Does Disability Look Like? People with Disabilities Are CAPTIVATING!

My name is Rebecca, and I am a visually impaired writer and Filipino-American clergywoman. I am proud to be a volunteer staff writer and contributing columnist for CAPTIVATING! The mission of CAPTIVATING! aligns incredibly well with my own personal mission to make both the church and the world more accessible for people with disabilities.   Our Search for Models with… Continue reading What Does Disability Look Like? People with Disabilities Are CAPTIVATING!


Taking a Global Stand Against Climate Change: Guest Post by Chloe Ward (Freelance Wildlife Writer)

This week, I am delighted to feature experienced environmental journalist and wildlife writer, Chloe May Ward. Chloe and I both love animals and this beautiful world in which we live.  That is why I am pleased to share with you Chloe's fascinating article about how young people are working together to raise awareness about climate change and the importance of protecting our planet.